24 MAY 2012

Therese welcomes Gangmaster Licensing Reform

Therese has today welcomed the reforms to the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) which will reduce the burden onbusinesses especially in the forestry industry, as part of the red tape challenge.

The GLA regulates the produce and horticulture industry focussing on worker exploitation by unlicensed gangmasters. However the amount of regulation in some industries has become cumbersome and unproductive.

Therese said: "The GLA has done a great deal of good work but there are some low risk industries where this over regulation has had a negative effect. I am pleased that the Minister has decided to remove the forestry industry from the scope of the GLA.

She added: "The reforms will please many constituents who have complained to me about over regulation in this industry and shows the Government's commitment to set the right conditions for jobs and growth".

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